Thanks for stopping! I'm Hannah. I like to write. I like to run. I use Feet Move Forward to write about running (and other stuff, too).

I started this blog in 2010, when I was falling in love with running.  As months and miles passed, I was getting pretty serious, and I was excited to be making strides in my fitness. In late 2011 and early 2012, I faced a couple of completely-unrelated-to-running injuries (here and here) and never quite made it back on my feet.

And then I met my non-running husband and got married.

And then I got bit by Carl.

And then I got pregnant and gave birth to the world's most beautiful baby girl in April 2015. It took me almost a year after her birth to begin to feel physically "normal" and I slowly returned to running, with no real agenda. The highlights of my post-baby comeback were running a sub-2hr half marathon on minimal training and setting a 10k PR in January 2017 before hopping back on the baby-making train for Baby #2. It didn't take long and we're expecting our second in December 2017.

Ultimately I'd like to find my limit as a runner.

Mile: 2013 Medtronic TC 1 Mile, 6:12 (my first and only)
5K: 2011 Run the Valley 5k, 20:25
10K: 2017 Pensacola Beach Run 10k, 44:37 (post baby!)
Half marathon: 2011 New Prague Half Marathon, 1:36:24
Marathon: 2010 Des Moines Marathon, 3:27:25