may miles and trail running in june

I ran a total of five times in May (including the TC 1 Mile) for a monthly total of 10 miles. TEN. I'm trying to be smart about coming back   s l o w l y   but this certainly feels like a snail's pace. I called off running Grandma's Half (being run today!) after basically zero running for six weeks. It wasn't going to be a PR for me and it seemed silly to go up to run on very little training and potentially prolong the healing process. Besides, I really wanted to get/stay healthy for a trail running series called Muddy Shoes and Brews that takes place at a park about a half-hour from my house.

This is the seventh year they've done it and this year they have over 60 runners! For only $40 you get six scheduled runs throughout the summer, a t-shirt, and beer after every run! I met up with two local runners to carpool there and we had a great time!

love the shirt!
Each run is a different course and nothing is timed. We had gotten quite a bit of rain in the days leading up to the first run and it was pretty muddy. They offered two course options, a 2ish mile loop and a 5 mile loop. I chose the short one, just to play it safe. It was much different running than my body was used to (quads on fire!!!) but I had such a great time and can't wait for the next one!

In other fun news, I got a guaranteed entry for the TC 10 Mile via the 1 mile! So pumped for that, and trying to figure out what a realistic goal might be for me come October. Stay tuned.


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