rollercoaster running and march/april recaps

I'm still here! I'm still running! (kind of)

Let's catch up:
1. I finished up March with 40 miles, and then April with 39.3 miles. So far for May, 0 miles. See #4 below.

2. The Hot Chocolate 15k I was supposed to run in April got downgraded to a 5k because we got walloped with a blizzard so I skipped it altogether. Not sorry about that one.

3. After taking the snowy April week off of running, my average times dropped significantly so maybe my body just needed the break. However....

4. My last run was Thursday, April 26. After two super windy runs while pushing our jogger, running at paces that were ambitious for such conditions, my right hip said no thanks and flared up with a little bursitis (self-diagnosed, because this isn't my first rodeo with this injury).

5. I've been foam rolling, icing, stretching and generally taking it easy and today is the first day that I don't have major soreness. So maybe things are on the up and up.

6. My goal is to be able to recreationally run the TC 1 Mile this Thursday. This will not be a PR attempt. I'm running it for the sole reason that they give 1000 random finishers guaranteed entry into the TC 10 Mile this October, which I think will be the site of my post-baby-#2 comeback. And I talked my dad and my sister into registering, so yay!

Stay tuned.


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