race recap: tc 1 mile

This isn't much of a race recap, more of a run report, because I did manage to run a whole mile last Thursday, but that was it. No PRs, no "race", just a fun mile with my family.

I may have mentioned somewhere that I was using this race in the hopes of being one of the 1000 randomly selected finishers that gets guaranteed entry into the TC 10 Mile this fall. (Otherwise I'll have to enter the lottery in July.) I also talked my dad into running, and with my sister Juli home on leave, she joined us. My half-brother Matt and step-mom came to watch the girls while we ran our mile.

matt practicing his dad skills with olive

This would be my first time on the new course that runs by the Guthrie and I really liked it! There are two turns so it's a slower course than the one that ran down Nicollet but I like that you can watch the elites start, then run across the park to watch them finish. We all got there early so we jumped into the first-timers wave and started near the back of the back. I asked my dad before we started when the last time he ran was and he said "oh, about 3 years!" So Juli and I ran on either side of him, just in case. :)

We ran the whole mile, a very slow jog.  We finished in 11:55. My heartrate stayed in Zone 2. I didn't feel my hip at all when I was running but it felt tight when we stopped. This is after 14 days of zero running, mind you. Hip bursitis sucks!

They had food trucks, a post-race party (which I somehow missed the memo on), and a big inflatable for pictures. My favorite part of the night was watching Ulla take off down a path while telling me she was going to run "for fifty hours." Future ultra runner?!  Gosh, I hope so!


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