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race recap: tc 1 mile

This isn't much of a race recap, more of a run report, because I did manage to run a whole mile last Thursday, but that was it. No PRs, no "race", just a fun mile with my family. I may have mentioned somewhere that I was using this race in the hopes of being one of the 1000 randomly selected finishers that gets guaranteed entry into the TC 10 Mile this fall. (Otherwise I'll have to enter the lottery in July.) I also talked my dad into running, and with my sister Juli home on leave, she joined us. My half-brother Matt and step-mom came to watch the girls while we ran our mile. matt practicing his dad skills with olive This would be my first time on the new course that runs by the Guthrie and I really liked it! There are two turns so it's a slower course than the one that ran down Nicollet but I like that you can watch the elites start, then run across the park to watch them finish. We all got there early so we jumped into the first-timers wave and

the birth of Olive Lux

I was due on December 24 and felt relieved when I didn’t go into labor that day, or the next. I was comfortable and feeling good. I thought labor would start after the busyness of the holidays. My sister Juli was home for Christmas and I was convinced that I’d have the baby before she left. Surely there would be no way I would be as "overdue" with my second baby as I was with my first! I spent the 10 days Juli was home doing every natural thing I could do to encourage labor. Nothing worked, and Juli went home the day I hit 41 weeks, 1 day pregnant. Zero signs of labor. At 41 +2 I had an appointment at our birth center .  Our birth center has four midwives that rotate so it's possible to get anyone when you go into labor, but that day I had an appointment with Sarah, and Jenny, the student midwife. I declined a cervical check and membrane sweep, hoping my body would go into labor without any help. Plus, with Juli now gone, what was the rush? I was feeling cool

god winks (the story of my treadmill)

About three years ago, when we needed a second car before Ulla was born, I prayed that we'd be able to find a reliable, affordable car. A few days later, a college friend's sister randomly sent out a mass email that her husband was looking to sell his Toyota Forerunner. We got it for a steal, and it's been our reliable second vehicle for the last few years.  --- Last summer we bought a hiking pack to carrying Ulla in. It was $300, about double what I wanted to spend. We got home that night and I was doubting our purchase, feeling guilty that it was so much money. The next morning as we got ready for our first hike with it, I pulled out my old hiking shoes and found $348 stuffed inside, money that I had no doubt put there, then forgot about.  --- This past fall, heavily pregnant with Olive, we started to hunt for a minivan.  (My Jetta wouldn't have been super conducive to two carseats.)  Buying new wasn't an option, and even used vans were w

rollercoaster running and march/april recaps

I'm still here! I'm still running! (kind of) Let's catch up: 1. I finished up March with 40 miles, and then April with 39.3 miles. So far for May, 0 miles. See #4 below. 2. The Hot Chocolate 15k I was supposed to run in April got downgraded to a 5k because we got walloped with a blizzard so I skipped it altogether. Not sorry about that one. 3. After taking the snowy April week off of running, my average times dropped significantly so maybe my body just needed the break. However.... 4. My last run was Thursday, April 26. After two super windy runs while pushing our jogger, running at paces that were ambitious for such conditions, my right hip said no thanks and flared up with a little bursitis (self-diagnosed, because this isn't my first rodeo with this injury). 5. I've been foam rolling, icing, stretching and generally taking it easy and today is the first day that I don't have major soreness. So maybe things are on the up and up. 6. My goal is to