March 26, 2018

weekly training summary 3/19-3/25

Finally, a week of training that I'm proud of! But my body is feeling it. No matter how easy the workout, my body not-so-gently reminds me that I'm only 11 weeks postpartum. I am amazed at the mamas I see on Instagram that are running fast times and high mileage just weeks after their babies are born. I wish my body cooperated like that! For me, for now, slow and steady is the name of the game.

This week included three runs and three days of cross-training, and I feel really good about it.

March 19-25

Monday- 30 minute postnatal strength class
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- 3.08 miles, 9:13 average pace
Thursday- 30 minute postnatal core class
Friday- 4 miles, 9:23 average pace
Saturday- 30 minute yoga class
Sunday- 5 miles, 12:48 average pace. Focus on staying in "aerobic" heart rate zone

- Weekly total: 12.08 miles -
- March miles: 25.96 miles -

With this week of training complete, I've basically doubled my miles for the month. (Last week I was only at 13.88 miles for the month, now I'm almost to 26!) While it seems like a big jump, I only ran 4 miles more this week than last week, and I kept my "long" run super easy. Still, I'm going to focus on easy, easy miles this week.


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