March 4, 2018

weekly training summary 2/26-3/4

Hooray for my first full week of postpartum running! I know I just wrote a February recap like three days ago but I'd like to get in the habit of recapping my weekly training on the blog, for accountability mostly, even if it's just for myself. I keep a more detailed record of my workouts in my training journal, still with pen and paper, because I'm old school and will never not prefer paper training logs. 

February 26- March 4

Monday- 2.48 miles, 9:34 average pace
Tuesday- GHUTV barre
Wednesday- 3.1 miles, 9:35 average pace
Thursday- core and free weights
Friday- off
Saturday- off
Sunday- 2.76, 9:24 average pace

- Weekly total: 8.34 miles -
- March miles: 2.76 miles -

Goals for the coming week

It's supposed to be cold and snowy this week so I'm going to have to be flexible and creative with the timing of any runs. I'm a freeze baby and will likely get a day pass to the community center to run on a treadmill, if I can figure out who can take the girls!

- Run 3x for a total of 10 miles
- Minimum 20 minutes cross-training on non-running days
- Aim for a gallon of water a day

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