february running recap

I ran 8 miles in February! Not all at once, of course, but spread between the four times I got outdoors.

Yesterday I rounded out the month with a 5k, 3.1 miles of dodging puddles and ice, enjoying the 40 degree temps we were having. I feel decently okay today, which is reassuring that I'll be able to survive a 15k  in mid-April that Gina talked me into.

But I'm not sure I know how to do this postpartum running thing.

I wasn't even thinking about running at this point postpartum with Ulla. Physically I don't think I would have been able to. I don't really remember when I started running but I think it was closer to 5 months (per this post), slogging out 10:20 miles.  My return was so slow and inconsistent that I wouldn't even call it training. It was just... running. When I felt like it. There was a brief ramp-up to Grandma's Half, just so I could survive it, but then things fizzled again through that summer. And then I spent 14 weeks actually training so I could run a 10k PR in January.

I did my best to stay active during my pregnancy with Olive, and I think that's paid off.  In the two runs I've gone on this week, a 9:35 pace seems to be what my body has deemed 'easy', which feels like a good starting point. And I haven't been neglecting my core or upper body, and I was surprised to find that I can do push-ups from my toes again!

So now I'm looking at my training calendar for March, trying to figure out how to successfully ramp up my miles while maintaining my milk supply, and not get injured. And I'm trying to be realistic about my goals for the rest of the year, but I'm thinking about a half marathon PR in the fall. Is that possible? Am I crazy?

Seriously, tell me. 


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