streaking and kara goucher

Truth: I've never streaked before. Streaking, as in run streak. (Naked streaking has been checked off my bucket list if you count that time I skinny dipped in the Le Sueur public pool and hightailed it back to the car.)

Now, thanks to the Runner's World Run Streak challenge, I am on Day 19 of a Run Streak. I had been running five days a week for training, so I thought "what's two more?" and jumped in. Most days, the hardest part of running is just getting out the door and making the time, and the Run Streak provides a little extra motivation.

Training has been going well, though I just switched up my training plan from Hal Higdon's Intermediate Half Marathon II (whew!) to Kara Goucher's 10 week plan.  Because KARA. And not to be a running snob, but I feel like I'm a little past Hal Higdon. After my giant running break with no real training, I kind of felt like I needed to start over. Now, after a few solid months under my feet, I'm feeling good and more like a runner again.

Running highlights these past few weeks:
1. Running a 10k on the treadmill that was roughly 30 seconds off my real-life-outdoor-race-10k-PR that I set back in 2013. Pre-baby. I feel like this puts me in a decent position for Austin in January.
2. Building back up to nearly 30 miles per week and NOT getting injured! It's been slow process but I'm glad I didn't rush it.

Because it's December in MN, finding road races (or even running outside) can be challenging, so I'm a little nervous about the majority of training being done on the treadmill but c'est la vie. 

And if I think about the actual chances that I'll run a real PR (which is anything under 1:36:25), I begin to question why I even run and feel like never getting up from the couch.

So for now I'll try to shut off my brain and take it one day and one workout at a time.

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