14 weeks to run a PR?

I've been neglecting this space, mostly for lack of time but more so I just forget how good it feels to write until I do. So here I am, while Ulla unloads four containers of Playdoh on the floor at my feet.

Let's talk running!

Running has been happening on a weekly basis but that's the extent of it's consistency. I haven't hit double digit miles for the week since running Grandma's Half in June. I've been happy to get out for 30 minutes a couple times a week and haven't worried about it if I can't. It was summer in Minnesota, after all. I don't do hot weather running very well, especially when early morning runs aren't an option (read: a husband that leaves for work by 6:20 a.m. and a baby that still isn't sleeping through the night).

But now it's Fall, a season made specifically for runners thankyouJesus. It's made me all kinds of motivated and tonight has consisted of a cross-training session at the gym, dinner, my favorite beer, and registering for this 5k

Yes, a 5k. I haven't run one since my second slowest 5k a few years ago, but I need to figure out what the heck my training paces should be, ergo, I need to race. I'm eyeing a bigger goal of a half marathon in January and would like to run a PR, not just a post-baby PR but an overall PR. Nevermind that my current PR is from 2011, when I was single, childless and TWENTY SIX years old. I think it's a crazy goal, probably too crazy for being just 14 weeks out but why not?

Go big or go home.

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