41 weeks, 3 days pregnant

Baby G is now a full 10 days post-date. Overdue. Late. Given that most first time moms deliver roughly 8 days overdue, I'm still in the ballpark of average, but have officially entered bonus pregnancy. 

Yesterday we had a BPP (Biophysical Profile, which is a fancy ultrasound that checks on how the baby is doing) and a NST (non-stress test), both of which the baby passed with flying colors. During the ultrasound, the tech switched to 3D to try to get a picture of the bean's face and he/she is so low in my pelvis that their little face looked like it was smooshed against glass, flattened nose and all. It's adorable and annoying (hey, bladder!) all at the same time.

- Warning, cervix talk ahead -

During my physical exam, I had Dawn (my favorite midwife) check my progress. The good news: I'm 80% effaced, my cervix is super soft, and the baby is at a +1 station. The bad news: I'm not really dilated at all. In theory, this means nothing, since women can walk around at 3 centimeters for weeks, or go from 0-10 in hours, but what it meant for me yesterday was that she couldn't strip my membranes. I was hoping she could, and that it would jump start labor. No dice.

Hospital protocol is to offer an induction at 41 weeks, regardless of medical necessity. Studies have shown that induction after 41 weeks doesn't increase your chances of having a c-section, so most women choose to schedule an induction. Because I want as natural a birth as possible, with the least interventions possible, I'm choosing to wait until 42 weeks to talk about induction, which is as far as most doctors/midwives will let you go. Pitocin (aka the chemical crowbar) doesn't sound like it would be the best start to a natural birth experience.

With 42 weeks sneaking up on Saturday, I've been doing everything in my power to get this little babe out. Pineapple, sex, walking, acupuncture, primrose oil, squats, raspberry leaf tincture, spicy foods, lunges, nipple stimulation, bouncing on an exercise ball... If it can be found on the internet, I've done it.

Seriously, please tell me a) what you did to induce labor and b) any story you know of where a mom went into spontaneous labor when she was as overdue as me.

PS- I mentioned castor oil (my last resort) to Dawn yesterday and she advised against it. So I'm leaving that one off the table.


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