getting handsy

I never realized how much I used my hands until I was relegated to using only my non-dominant hand for basically everything. Even now, approaching three weeks post-op, I have limited mobility in my right hand, due in large part to not being able to bend my ring finger, and a deep, still-healing wound in my palm. Brushing my hair and teeth, typing, and cutting food have all required serious adaptations. But I'm single-handedly managing okay. 

Saturday night marked the end of my thrice daily IV treatments, and I finally had my PICC line removed last night, meaning that I can shower without saran-wrapping my arm. Hygiene FTW! Instead of a huge bandage with a long tube hanging out of my body, I just have this little guy. 

see? almost normal

I haven't been given the all-clear to exercise, so I'm mostly limited to this:

Do to the intense concentration these take (I'm actually not kidding; my brain says move and my finger does nothing), and the usual pain associated with them, I manage to break a sweat. Any real cardio will have to wait.

The timeline for healing I was given was 2-3 months before I gain full use of my hand. I'm sure it won't be that long until I can exercise, but I have a feeling there will be a lot of lower body/core as opposed to anything upper body related, at least for the next few weeks.

Here's to killer quads.


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