registered: my first race of 2014

I put this race on my calendar over a month ago, but just grew the lady balls to actually register for it.

Because it's a 5K. We all know how I feel about those.

To recap, I have less than three months of running under my belt feet, and this is how consistent it's been:

i.e. not consistent

So, yeah....

But here's the deal: It's a race for something that means a lot to me. Even if this turns out to be the worst 5k of my life, my registration fee still benefits a great cause, and I'll have a baseline for my current fitness.

P.S- When you register, they set the a fundraising minimum of $100 and with 11 days until the race, even that seems like a long shot. However, if you're feeling generous, click your way over here.


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