(lack of) race prepping. and blogging.

I haven't actually meant to go for a week+ without blogging, but it seems to be less and less of a priority these days, not for any real reason in particular, as I have a handful of drafts that I've never gotten around to finishing. But life doesn't care if I write about it, and I'm sure you're all moving along just fine with yours without any updates from mine. But we're here, so let's dive in.

It took me less than two days last week after posting that three very generous friends donated all the money (and then some) I was asked to raise for the 5k this weekend. (Thank you guys. Seriously.) My "training" though, has been more of a struggle.

With the cold morning weather, I've been finding it more and more challenging to pry myself out of bed, and evenings always seem full of plans like dinner with friends or cat cuddling. My internal clock is well aware of when it should be waking up, and I am consistently awake a few minutes before my alarm ever goes off. But this morning I stayed in bed, promising myself that I'd make it out tonight after work for a 5 mile tempo run.

In a conversation with the great Matt Gabrielson on Tuesday, I asked him what I should be doing to prep for my 5k, admitting that I had skipped my run for the day already. And he said, Well, you could start by running. Touche.   

But I will run tonight, and tomorrow, too, before sending myself out on a lung-and-leg-searing adventure around Lake Harriet on Saturday. Goal times have been floating around in my head, and I'll try to get some thoughts on paper (blog) before Saturday. No promises.

And just to avoid a post that is completely devoid of pictures, here are three selfies from people who hate selfies (me) and pictures in general (John). Because life is nothing if not ironic.

so bored

an alternative to smiling

a photobomb by my brother


  1. "you could start by running." I mean, I think there's something in that for all of us, really. Good luck this weekend!

  2. Touche, indeed! I *might* have skipped my planned run last night. And signed up for a race today! hahahha there's some irony!

    But your selfies are adorbs!

    Can't wait to read the recap!


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