week in review

John has been out of town all week, leaving me all by my lonesome. And by lonesome, I mean with an attack cat and plans with people every night. So really, not lonesome at all (except the part where I come home to a human-less house every night).

But adapting to life as a single when I'm used to life as a couple was a little bit challenging. Like forgetting to shut the coffee pot off, and having to drive back home on Wednesday morning. 

morning coffee is john's job

And being worried about getting murdered in my sleep. Luckily Carl helped me search the house for intruders when I got home each night. (Seriously, I've stopped watching all crime shows because I have too active of an imagination!)

no one hiding under there!

But John was sweet, and left me little notes. 

And I got to have plenty of time with friends, like going to Rusty Taco for the first time with Colleen and Julie on Wednesday night. Colleen wanted to document our trip and made me wait to eat, so I was pretty mad in this picture. 


Also awesome, the new CorePower opened in Northeast, which is miles nearer to me than any other location, and they offered a free class on Thursday night. AND I have a Groupon for a month there, so I'll be going to expensive yoga for the next 30 days. 

Which brings me to today, #FinisherShirtFriday, which called for a bathroom mirror selfie. Because any initiative by TCM's full-time social media person (who probably doesn't have to justify the need for her job, lucky dog) is worth supporting.

Happy weekend!


  1. Seriously LOVE LOVE love the blog makeover!!!! And I see that you have your very own URL now :-) Congrats.
    ~ Linds

    1. Thanks, Linds! Still working on the blog redesign but I was over pink. Working on designing an actual header. Thanks for reading!


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