horrible & great

Things I am doing a horrible job with: 
  • Working out. It was over a week ago that I mentioned needing to get back into a routine with things. Number of times I've worked out since then: zero. Literally no excuse.
  • Drinking water. It's usually around 2:30-3pm that I realize I haven't peed all day. I can partially blame it on being busy at work, but usually it's just because I leave my water bottle in the car. 

Things I am doing a great job with: 
  • Being married. We're celebrating our one-month anniversary today (we made it!) and I've loved every second of it. 
  • Being best friends with Carl. Mostly because I give him people food all. the. time. 

  • Drinking apple cider vinegar. The health benefits of this have been popping up on my radar pretty consistently so I thought I'd give it a try. I've been a champ with choking it down every morning: 2 Tbs mixed with equal parts water, and then I just chug it and make a weird face when the tartness hits me.  It's gross, but so are double shots of Jameson, and Lord knows how many of those I've taken.
  • Sleeping more. John and I have been trying to get into bed around 9pm most nights. We also have a rule of "no phones in bed" so once we're both in, phones must stay on our nightstands. We'll usually read for a half-hour or so until we're tired enough to try sleeping. Or something. Either way, we're getting pretty close to eight hours and it's great.
So really, on the whole, not too shabby. Now if only I can pry myself out of bed in the morning to workout... 


  1. I just got a recipe for taking down the ACV vinegar a little easier - I used to take shots of it but just couldn't do it anymore. I haven't tried this yet but am going to soon. The recipe is: 1-2Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar, 6 oz water, 2oz organic apple juice, 1tsp cinnamon, 1 shake cayenne pepper (apparently cayenne pepper has amazing health benefits)


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