the time i went to dinner with the guy i didn't know i would marry

Today marks the first day of my last year in my 20's. Yes, it's my birthday, and I'm 29. I'm celebrating by eating a bag of candy hearts on my couch. Carl is biting me. John is "organizing" our cupboards. It's pretty much perfect. 

I was thinking about my last several birthdays, trying to remember what I had done to celebrate each of them, and my 27th stands out. Not only did my good friend Robert take me to Travail for an amazing meal, but later that week I went to dinner at Chino. My sister brought her friend John... 

a beardless, clean-cut John
We wouldn't really become friends for another six months, and wouldn't start dating for another six months after that. Little did I know...

I have a feeling this year might be my most exciting yet. 


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