hurt so good

Yesterday was my first time running in... a long time. Like I don't even remember when I last did long time. The last time I was even at the gym was January 2 for a yoga class.

I'm totally playing the marriage card here. There's the joke that people let themselves go after getting married, and I can totally see how it can happen. It hasn't been intentional, but with so many changes in the past few weeks, my old schedule doesn't really work anymore.

John and I have been carpooling to work, so I can't go directly to work after the gym. Working out after work is a nightmare (so crowded!), but there's a solution for every challenge. I'm determined to find it, especially since the only pair of jeans that fit me are my stretchy ones. For real.

Anyway, after running 3 miles without stopping (hooray, small victories!), I stepped down off the treadmill and got the worst Charlie Horse in my quad. Today I'm so sore- legs, abs, even arms! It's great, and painful!

Time to get back in the habit.


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