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love is light

We asked our photographer to send us a few pictures she took to use on our 'thank you' cards. After looking through the ones she sent, one thing is for certain: We are both horrendously un-photogenic. But then, this: swoon

hurt so good

Yesterday was my first time running in... a long time. Like I don't even remember when I last did long time. The last time I was even at the gym was January 2 for a yoga class. I'm totally playing the marriage card here. There's the joke that people let themselves go after getting married, and I can totally see how it can happen. It hasn't been intentional, but with so many changes in the past few weeks, my old schedule doesn't really work anymore. John and I have been carpooling to work, so I can't go directly to work after the gym. Working out after work is a nightmare (so crowded!), but there's a solution for every challenge. I'm determined to find it, especially since the only pair of jeans that fit me are my stretchy ones. For real. Anyway, after running 3 miles without stopping (hooray, small victories!), I stepped down off the treadmill and got the worst Charlie Horse in my quad. Today I'm so sore- legs, abs, even arms! It's

the time i went to dinner with the guy i didn't know i would marry

Today marks the first day of my last year in my 20's. Yes, it's my birthday, and I'm 29. I'm celebrating by eating a bag of candy hearts on my couch. Carl is biting me. John is "organizing" our cupboards. It's pretty much perfect.  I was thinking about my last several birthdays, trying to remember what I had done to celebrate each of them, and my 27th stands out. Not only did my good friend Robert take me to Travail for an amazing meal, but later that week I went to dinner at Chino . My sister brought her friend John...  a beardless, clean-cut John We wouldn't really become friends for another six months, and wouldn't start dating for another six months after that. Little did I know... I have a feeling this year might be my most exciting yet. 

best day ever

We haven't gotten our pictures from our photographer but we've been having a great time looking through the candid shots that friends and family took. This is by far my favorite capture. love

the six f's: 2014 resolutions

Two weeks seems to be the appropriate amount of time to be late with the whole resolutions thing, right? Otherwise I can come back later...    My sister Juli left for basic training with the Air Force earlier this month, but we were able to spend a lot of time together before the wedding. We were talking about resolutions and she said that a friend of hers makes six resolutions for the big F's: Faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, and fun. That pretty much covers all aspects of life, so I decided to follow suit. These are my first resolutions as a "we" instead of "me" so while some pretty much have to pertain to "us" as a family, there are still a few that are mine alone. Without further ado: FAITH Become more involved at church. Bible studies, small groups, volunteering, whatever. We're kicking this one off by going on a winter retreat at the end of the month. FAMILY Start one!  FRIENDS We both have pretty solid f


We are six days married, and it's bliss.  After spending a few days on the North Shore, we're back at home, making the two bedroom apartment we have not "mine" or "his" but "ours." I am currently taking a break from staining, and I can hear John in the laundry room building shelves. It's wonderful to be married to a true handy man.  Thanks for hanging with me during these last few months of near silence on the blog. Back soon with pictures from the wedding, and updates on everything else.