If we're friends on Facebook, you probably saw my post a few weeks ago about a kitten that had found it's way into my possession, but that I wasn't planning on keeping.

Well, a few things have happened since then:
  • No one stepped up to say they wanted her, which left me with two options: 1. Bring her to the Humane Society, even though they specifically ask that you NOT bring kittens, or 2. Keep her. I had sort of bonded with the little ball of fur so I decided to keep her "for a few more weeks."
  • John fell in love with her. He is a crazy cat man. So we decided to keep her indefinitely.
  • We found out she is actually a he. Balls.
  • We hadn't called him anything but Kitty (since it seems relatively gender-neutral) but decided a few nights ago that his name should be Carl.

So here's Carl, who has still not been to the vet, and has also lost a cat life when he was maimed (but survived!), his first meeting with Blue the dog.

In related news, if you know of anyone that is in the market for a 4 year-old cane corso that weighs 110lbs, likes the taste of kitties, and will stick like superglue to your side (seriously), let me know.


  1. Oooo Carl is the cutest / wootest thing. I almost would want to take him, but I have 3 cats already and everyone I know already thinks I'm nuts. (Also, I guess he's no longer up for grabs). :)


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