happy weekend (hoarding links for weeks)

Hiiiiii! I haven't done a links post in weeks, mostly because I barely have time to go through Feedly, but I've been stashing them away for such a time as this.

My life currently consists of wedding planning, home renovation/decoration, list making, crying tears of stress and frustration, crying tears of joy, attending these classes, texting John to tell him I want to elope, and excel spreadsheets. 

Things missing from my life: running, sleep, healthy eating, and a wedding dress. 

I'm a work in progress these last few weeks. 

Tonight, a night devoid of all stress and planning; we're going to see this movie, one that I linked to back in August. It's finally out! 

Anyway, LINKS!

"Many have dreamed it. Few have attempted it." This Russian kid did it. 

Have a lovely weekend.


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