November 22, 2013

happy weekend

Hi! Guess who's been setting her alarm for a time that begins with 4 and hauling her butt to the gym? Yes, me! After my semi-injured, semi-self induced running sabbatical, I'm logging miles and loving every minute of it. On Tuesday, though, I decided to give my legs a break and take a spin class instead, something I used to do with regularity.Getting back into it though.... Ouch.

This weekend is a break from early mornings, though, as I take off for #ChicksInTheSticks to celebrate Brady's 30th birthday with some of my favorite gals in one of my favorite places on earth. No lie.
brady's bday last year

Things I have packed: pants with elastic waistbands, sweatshirts, thick socks, DVDs, books I've been wanting to read, and the warmest winter running gear. (We're planning a pre-brunch run tomorrow morning, and this is the forecast...)

Things I have not packed: a hair dryer, "real" clothes, make-up.

It's going to be wonderful.

Anyway, LINKS!

This is officially my dream house.

Very cool: Turn your memorable quotes into wall art.

Helpful: How to make yarn dryer balls.

3 rules every runner should live by.

Can't wait to see this movie!

Chorizo Butternut Squash Hash. Say no more.

My favorite flower.

November 18, 2013

joel's heaven

Today would have been Joel's 9th birthday. 

Joel at RMH, a few months before he died- my fave pic

My mom and I were talking last night about how her friends with 9 year-olds say that it is a rambunctious age. 

It's hard for me to imagine him as rambunctious. He was unusually quiet for a baby, and not just because he was sick. You could speak to him and tell that he was thinking about what you were saying, that he was processing it in a way that seemed abnormal for a toddler. He understood things that should have been beyond him. He was so smart. Studious, even. Imaginative. I like to think that he would've grown into a little nerd that preferred reading over T.V, and being outside over any form of indoor entertainment (except maybe wrestling with his brothers). 

I wonder what heaven is like for him. (I imagine heaven in the way it's depicted in the movie What Dreams May Come, where everyone has their own little section that is unique to them).  I have a feeling his is an open field with blue and orange flowers, lots of bugs, the most colorful butterflies, with a kitten or two running around, and a space cleared for a basketball hoop. These were his favorite earthly things. 

And so it's more than fitting that when I went to our supply closet today to get more Kleenex (lots of tears today), the box I pulled out has this on it:

Until we see you again....
Loved with a love beyond all measure
Missed with a grief beyond all tears

November 8, 2013

happy weekend (hoarding links for weeks)

Hiiiiii! I haven't done a links post in weeks, mostly because I barely have time to go through Feedly, but I've been stashing them away for such a time as this.

My life currently consists of wedding planning, home renovation/decoration, list making, crying tears of stress and frustration, crying tears of joy, attending these classes, texting John to tell him I want to elope, and excel spreadsheets. 

Things missing from my life: running, sleep, healthy eating, and a wedding dress. 

I'm a work in progress these last few weeks. 

Tonight, a night devoid of all stress and planning; we're going to see this movie, one that I linked to back in August. It's finally out! 

Anyway, LINKS!

"Many have dreamed it. Few have attempted it." This Russian kid did it. 

Have a lovely weekend.