thursday things

1. Last night I did a leg workout, followed by bi's and tri's (which concluded with a 1 rep max/ burnout), and then wrapped things up with a little core work. The pain in my hammies is only overshadowed by the soreness in my lower back (side-eye, deadlifts). It's wonderful and terrible at the same time.

2. Yesterday I had a momentary meltdown on the way home from work where I called John and seriously suggested eloping. Then I got home and ate butternut squash, chocolate chips, and drank a glass of wine (all before going to workout- bad idea). Turns out I was just hungry, so our big, fat German wedding is back on. (But I still dislike wedding planning.)

3. Speaking of John and Germans, he sometimes does this ridiculous German accent that's hilarious! I keep trying to capture it on film but he's always on to me. I especially love it when he reads the marketing slogans for this restaurant.

Happy Thursday (and Halloween!).


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