three things wednesday

1. I ran 4.85 miles this morning and my ankle felt okay. Not great, but okay. TC 10 Mile is still on!

2.  I got called miss instead of ma'am today when I was ordering lunch. I almost leapt across the counter to hug him. (For the record, I adore politeness, but I almost exclusively get called ma'am, so I must have crossed the age threshold at some point.)

i actually own this magnet

3. I've been buying bridal magazines with reckless abandon. Spoiler alert: They're all (basically) the same. Same ads, same content. Apparently there's only one way to plan a wedding, which is sort of disappointing for someone who considers themselves to be a non-conformist of sorts.  More on that another time...


  1. Ooo wedding planning! Love the non-conformist wedding ideas!

  2. Ohh, the only way to plan a wedding is your way. Go non-conformist! (and just in case you haven't seen it:

  3. Good luck at the 10 Mile this weekend! I'm running, too… will look for ya!

    Also, when we get married, it's totally gonna be non-conformist… I'll be interested to hear more about what you find!

  4. haha I feel the same about the miss vs ma'am. If I get called Miss I want to say "Bless you!!!!", which, in turn, would make me sound like a ma'am. Oh well...


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