this is for jilian

My sweet, Southern, tall friend Jilian complained this week about my lack of writing. So this update is for Jil. (Love you, Lump.)

My Best Friend's Wedding
My oldest friend (as in, known the longest) got married last weekend (remember her bachelorette party?). It was honestly the most fun I've had at a wedding. The next two days that I spent recovering from it, though... 

The Most Exciting Thing That Has Ever Happened at My Job (and you probably won't care)
My job is not terribly exciting.  (I'm a marketing manager for my family's manufacturing company. We make sanders for the woodworking and metalworking industries.) Earlier this week I took a call from a guy in Wisconsin that was interested in one of our sanders, and said that he would come pick it up from us because he'd be in the city for a concert.  So yesterday he stopped by to get it, and we started chatting about music and what concert he was going to (Bonnie Raitt). Then he says, My son knows her because he covered one of her songs, and it sort of went viral. And I'm all, Oh, that's pretty cool. Good for him.  He continues, Yeah, he met her when he went to the Grammys. And I'm like Wait, who is your son? Is he in a band? And he says, Well, he's in a few. Have you heard of Bon Iver? 

And my jaw drops. Your son is Justin Vernon?! And then we have an entire conversation about my favorite band in the history of the world. 

(I'm assuming most of you don't know who Bon Iver is, which is why this probably matters very little. You're missing out.)

The Time I Thought I Was Racing On Sunday
I registered for the Monster Dash Half Marathon back in August and promptly wrote it down on my calendar for October 27,  this coming Sunday, and have been planning my life around it since. Well, newsflash: The race is on Saturday, and I'm an idiot. Still running, not racing. Searching for a Green Giant costume.

So there it is. My very exciting life update.


  1. tall, sweet, southern JilianOctober 25, 2013 at 2:45 PM

    FINALLY! I was going through Hannah withdrawals! Love you more!

  2. So cool you met Bon Iver's DAD! And, good luck tomorrow! I may walk down to Summit and cheer :) Hope you found a costume!


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