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thursday things

1. Last night I did a leg workout, followed by bi's and tri's (which concluded with a 1 rep max/ burnout), and then wrapped things up with a little core work. The pain in my hammies is only overshadowed by the soreness in my lower back (side-eye, deadlifts). It's wonderful and terrible at the same time.
2. Yesterday I had a momentary meltdown on the way home from work where I called John and seriously suggested eloping. Then I got home and ate butternut squash, chocolate chips, and drank a glass of wine (all before going to workout- bad idea). Turns out I was just hungry, so our big, fat German wedding is back on. (But I still dislike wedding planning.)
3. Speaking of John and Germans, he sometimes does this ridiculous German accent that's hilarious! I keep trying to capture it on film but he's always on to me. I especially love it when he reads the marketing slogans for this restaurant.

Happy Thursday (and Halloween!).

race recap: team ortho monster dash half marathon

If there ever was a race that I had zero expectations for, this was it. First, I haven't been running that much these past two months, due to my Achilles, and just general complacency. I was severely concerned about my ability to even run 13.1 miles, much less do it at a respectable pace. 
Second, this was my first Team Ortho race. Having worked for TCM for a couple years, it's pretty safe to say that I know the good, the bad and the ugly of event planning, and I went in with a complete understanding of how Team Ortho "organizes" their races. Needless to say, my expectations were low, both for myself and the race in general. 
That's probably what saved me. 
I woke up on Saturday morning around 6:45, and didn't feel like eating breakfast, so I didn't. I hadn't charged my Garmin, and hadn't given any thought to race day apparel, so I threw on some tights and double layers on top and prayed for less wind than the forecast was predicting. 
We picked …

this is for jilian

My sweet, Southern, tall friend Jilian complained this week about my lack of writing. So this update is for Jil. (Love you, Lump.)
My Best Friend's Wedding My oldest friend (as in, known the longest) got married last weekend (remember her bachelorette party?). It was honestly the most fun I've had at a wedding. The next two days that I spent recovering from it, though... 

The Most Exciting Thing That Has Ever Happened at My Job (and you probably won't care) My job is not terribly exciting.  (I'm a marketing manager for my family's manufacturing company. We make sanders for the woodworking and metalworking industries.) Earlier this week I took a call from a guy in Wisconsin that was interested in one of our sanders, and said that he would come pick it up from us because he'd be in the city for a concert.  So yesterday he stopped by to get it, and we started chatting about music and what concert he was going to (Bonnie Raitt). Then he says, My son knows her becaus…

i'm still here!

Hi friends! I'm still here, not doing much running (gulp) but doing a heckuva lot of wedding related things.
In addition to the wedding, I'm planning for the eventual combining of My Things and His Things to make Our Things, so my thoughts (and Pinterest boards) are mostly consumed with home decorating and organization. 
We took engagement pictures over the weekend. I'm not sure when engagement sessions became a real thing, especially since we have no intention of doing a newspaper announcement or anything of the sort. We mostly took them because we have almost no photos of us as a couple (because we both hate having our picture taken). And John hates smiling in pictures. (I, too, agree that this is among the worst things.) Anyway, while we did do some staged shots, my favorites would fall into the "outtake" category. Here's our attempt at creating the cliched piggyback shot, except with John on my back, because I wanted a leg workout.


happy weekend

Woof. It's been a busy week and I get zero reprieve this weekend. And I have a cold to boot. 
Enough whining. Since I haven't written all week, here's a glimpse at what I've been up to: I haven't run much this week, but started going to a boot camp-type class that is kicking my butt. Every time I want to quit, the trainer chants "wedding arms" to me, which is probably the most motivating thing ever. I currently have three wedding dresses in my apartment (all returnable). I'm beginning to think I've put too much stock in the myth of The One and should go about this in a more pragmatic way. Problem is, I'm not sure what that is. We registered at our first store, and I mistakenly thought that it would be a quick process. It's not. And I now know more than I ever wanted to know about kitchen knives.  If you're wondering why there's a rush to accomplish so much, it's because we're planning on getting married in less than three m…

happy weekend

TGIF! This week has flown by, and I can hardly believe it's October!

I'm writing this from my kitchen table, wrapped in a blanket and drinking coffee, while a very cool breeze blows through my window. (Life is rough.) My sister is in town this weekend so I'm taking the day off to spend a little QT with her (and do a little preliminary wedding dress shopping! I'm thinking something a little non-traditional...)


White wine drinkers pour themselves the biggest glasses of wine

Watch your step 

A Guide to Being a Man (but a fun read for women, too) 

Fall is here, and it's awesome

This church has been under construction for 131 years, but is set to be completed in 2026. (I was there in 2004). Here's a 3D rendering of what it will look like.

Have a lovely weekend!

three things wednesday

1. I ran 4.85 miles this morning and my ankle felt okay. Not great, but okay. TC 10 Mile is still on!
2.  I got called miss instead of ma'am today when I was ordering lunch. I almost leapt across the counter to hug him. (For the record, I adore politeness, but I almost exclusively get called ma'am, so I must have crossed the age threshold at some point.)

3. I've been buying bridal magazines with reckless abandon. Spoiler alert: They're all (basically) the same. Same ads, same content. Apparently there's only one way to plan a wedding, which is sort of disappointing for someone who considers themselves to be a non-conformist of sorts.  More on that another time...