happy weekend

You guys. Here's the thing about Friday's during a short week: we're all happy it's Friday but our workload is like whoa whoa whoa, sister, there's still more work to do. Or maybe it's just me.

This weekend is filled with fun things, including a wedding on Saturday, followed by an early morning long run on Sunday so I can cheer for the runners in the City of Lakes 25k at 8am! Are you running it?

And PS- Thanks for all the wonderful advice on my last post! Super helpful!

Let's look at LINKS

I went to the Wednesday Workout this week and my quads are screaming! Join me next week?

Landscapes made out of food. I would live in 6, 7, or 15.

This article about running by feel was really helpful. 
But running by feel takes practice and experience, as you have to learn the proper feel of the workouts and races and how to judge how much you have left in the tank.  Staying in the moment becomes about pushing appropriately for the stage of the race or workout you are in, rather than nail a certain split. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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