dns but set a new pr

I didn't race this weekend. 

On Friday night I went for a shakeout run, and my legs felt like lead during some pick-ups. Not a race-breaker, since it's not uncommon for my shakeout runs to feel horrible, only to have amazing races the next day. But still, it was a mental roadblock, and I resolved to get out of my head and let my body handle it.

Then, while jogging a cool down on the way home, I tweaked my ankle in some soft dirt. I ran the rest of the way home on it, but it definitely hurt while climbing the stairs to my apartment. My resolve to run was diminishing with every step. 

When my alarm went out at 5:45  the next morning, I shut it off and laid there weighing the pros and cons of running. 

And then I rolled over and continued to sleep until 8:45, a new sleeping in PR.

I didn't run the rest of the weekend, so instead of my highest mileage week this training cycle, it was my lowest, a whopping 15 miles total. I won't run today, either, but will likely try tomorrow, if everything feels okay. This weather is mocking me.


  1. Oh sleep PR...gotta love those. Glad you were listening to your body and what it needed!


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