state fair adventures, 2013

The Minnesota State Fair: It's one of my favorite things to do in Minnesota. I'm not one of those people that can go and walk around for 10 hours. I seriously just go for the food, the Miracle of Birth Center, and the horse barns. Four hours, in and out. Here's how I made that time count last Saturday:


cheese curds

beer tasting for $8!

caramel apple sundae

my first time trying scotch eggs. not my fave.


It was pretty much the perfect day, so perfect that I'm actually considering going back on Labor Day, when MN is supposed to cool off.

One other thing: The Strib published this article about what to wear to the fair and I was slightly appalled at their suggestion of ballet flats! Bad idea jeans. Here's my guide on what to wear:
  • Shirt: A tank or loose, light colored shirt. Leave your polyester at home. 
  • Pants: Do you legs a favor and wear shorts/capris. It's too hot to wear jeans and a skirt will likely mean your thighs are rubbing together, which is at best generally uncomfortable. At worst, you're the mayor of Chafe City.
  • Underneath: Do not bring sexy back and leave your lace thong at home. Cotton briefs are more comfortable and will absorb some of that swass. (This is something the Strib did not address.)
  • Shoes: In blatant defiance to the Strib, I went ahead a wore my Chacos (and washed my feet when I got home). Running shoes would have been my second choice. In conclusion, supportive shoes.
  • Purse: As a fairly low-maintenance gal that rarely puts make-up on, let alone re-applies throughout the day, I left my purse at home. IDs, cash, credit cards and chapstick can all fit in pockets. Pull a man and leave your lady bag at home. Bonus: free hands and shoulders that don't hate you at the end of the day! 


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