fat girl

I met with a dietician yesterday morning at Life Time for my nutrition consultation. The good news: I'm doing a lot of things right.

I've been eating a pretty whole-foods based diet for a while now but am not super strict with it, especially when I go out to eat or am over at a friend's, which is relatively often. I break the rules for Sour Patch Kids in movie theaters, froyo after a particularly stressful day, and chocolate just because I want it. And I get Cravings with a capital C. 

The better news: She told me to eat more fat. Yep, FAT. She said that adding fat to my diet will boost my body's ability to burn fat and also really help with cravings. (The Gospel of Fat is something Dietician Cassie has been preaching for a while now!)

I haven't been eating much dairy or grains of any kind, especially when I was trying to cut out processed foods. We talked about a lot about good carbs, some of which I'm already eating, and about what changes I could make, e.g. swapping coconut milk for almond milk. She gave me the green light on oatmeal (NOT instant), quinoa (which is actually a seed) and told me to start eating full fat, plain Greek yogurt and to cook with butter.


Pretty much anyone who tells me that I can eat more butter is okay in my book! Let's give this a try!


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