a bachelorette, a boat, and a bus

This past weekend I went down to southern MN for Emily's bachelorette weekend. Here are the internet appropriate pictures.

Saturday morning started with a really great run through hilly St. Peter...

mile splits: 8:26, 8:33, 7:50, 8:04, 7:27, 7:20, 7:14

... followed by a little morning yoga with fellow bridesmaid Sarah.

After getting pretty, we split up between two boats for a little booze cruise. Don't worry, we had sober drivers and enough life jackets in case this turned into a swim.

Then it was time to small-town bar hop on a party bus!

And we stopped at a lot of small town bars that had names like this...

... and decor like this. 

A few things to note, since this was my first official bachelorette party (I KNOW!):
  • A fair number of bachelorette games take a significant amount of alcohol to play. I wasn't drinking much, so I was red-faced the entire time. 
  • The type of people in a small town bar on a Saturday afternoon are either A) over 70 or B) under 12.
  • Though "Drink out of a straw shaped like a p#ni$" was never on my bucket list, that item can be forever crossed off. 
  • Gummy bears soaked in booze are a good idea in theory, but can give you a significant stomachache when consumed quickly or in large quantities.  
These are life lessons, friends. 


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