winning big in vegas

Vegas took it out of me.

And by "it" I mean "energy" which I'm counting as a win,  considering the things Vegas could take out of a person. 

Saturday was the last day of the show and the floor closed at 3pm. Then we had to teardown our booth and didn't get out of there until 9. Oh, and they shut the air off and open the huge doors to the convention center so it got warm fast.

I took the red-eye home on Sunday morning, leaving Las Vegas at 1 a.m. and getting back into Minneapolis at 6. After a few short hours of sleep, I met up with Brady for a long run, 14 miles of pure bliss, and my longest run since last summer! The weather was perfect. Absolutely amazing all around.

I was quickly brought down from my runner's high when I got home and found this in my mailbox:

can't wait to read about aging cats!
That's an issue of Cat Fancy magazine, addressed to "Hannah Kitty Cat Schroeder." Apparently my lovely friends have subscribed me and I will now receive monthly issues. With friends like this...

this cat understands my anguish
On a happier note, I managed to stick to a pretty healthy diet and maintained my running schedule while in Vegas, and as a payoff, I dropped a few pounds. It's amazing what consistency can do.


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