happy weekend

Is it just me or did this week feel like it was never-ending? All the sad news in the press just makes me want to give everyone a giant hug. We live in a weird world. Moving on to happier things...

Last night I had my first personal training session at Life Time Fitness, which I went to five minutes after I finished a 5-mile tempo run on the treadmill. Guess what we started with? Squats. My legs are feeling the burn today, especially after my very sweaty run with Brady this morning. 

This weekend, more running, a baseball game, yoga, a birthday party and a fish fry.

But first, LINKS!

Sweater weather.

Twin Cities friends, have you heard about this race?

A really adorable- and gender neutral- baby shower. (Because a handful of my friends are currently With Child.)

So helpful! Your Go-to Guide for Grains.

How wild is this?! Digitally-combined portraits of relatives. 

This video will change your (laundry) life.

Have a wonderful weekend! Now go practice folding shirts superfast!


  1. Wow that shirt thing is crazy! So crazy it just may work :) Hope you had a nice weekend!


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