happy weekend

This week has been crazy (I’m so busy) but it did make it go by really fast. Tonight, believe it or not, I’ll be at the Kenny Chesney concert. I am not necessarily a big fan of country music, or Kenny Chesney, but my uncle had 8 tickets that he needed to offload so me, a couple of my sibs and our signifs are heading to what will be amazing people watching, if nothing else.

Tomorrow is a busy day, too. Despite my concert adventure, I still plan to get up and run before heading to my new gym to the fitness consultation. It's also my grandma's 85th birthday so I'll swing by their house to drop off a present and a card. She knows that her birthday is coming up, but is only reminded what day it is when she looks at the calendar in the kitchen, so we'll see if she remembers the day-of. Then it’s off to game 1 of 3 for my little brother’s state baseball tourney, then a BBQ that’s rumored to have life-size jenga! We’ll see how I’m feeling come Sunday


This song sums up how I feel about love.

A cool print (and good reminder!) with a part of my favorite quote.

Food can be as addictive as drugs. 

Make your own flavored water.

It's not often I think of my job as "cool" but this video is pretty awesome. (I work for a company that makes sanders for woodworking/metalworking industries.)

Have a lovely weekend!


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