happy weekend (sin city edition)

You guys. It's Friday. I'm currently in Las Vegas at the AWFS Fair which is like a giant woodworking/furnishing supplier convention (are you asleep yet?) and the show goes through tomorrow. That means a solid 8 hours on my feet today, followed by 6 hours, plus booth teardown, tomorrow. Try not to envy my life. 


With this week being a mess of glorified Carnie life, I haven't spent much time perusing The Internet, so I thought I would tell you about life in Vegas. The good thing about having a tradeshow in Vegas is that it IS Vegas, so exciting things can happen....

Like finding a pretty decent German meal on Tuesday night.

dad/boss & coworkers at hofbrauhaus las vegas
german soft pretzel


 And like meeting Louie Anderson on Wednesday night before we went to his show. 

i found the one person paler than me
you so funny louie
But Thursday night was more of a bust. After spending all day on my feet in our booth, I was highly disappointed that the gym wanted to charge me an EXTRA $15 to use it after 6pm. (I'm already paying a "resort fee" of $13 for gym/internet access.) Boo, Vegas. Instead of cross-training, since my feet and lower back were balking at a run, I did this yoga video in my room, then ended with a few minutes of supported headstand. 
the second time on record i've used my webcam
I had every intention of running outside this morning but it's 5:20 and already it's 89 degrees. No thanks. I'll return to MN with a new appreciation for the Chain of Lakes and our easy access to  hydration. But now, the treadmill. 

Have a great weekend!


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