family picture outtakes

After the 5k on Saturday, I hustled home to help my family prepare for a going-away/graduation party for my brother-in-law Kyle, who is being deployed to Afghanistan for a year, and my little brother Petey, who graduated from high school in May. It's not often that all my siblings and associated spouses are together, so my mom jumped at the chance to get a family picture. Here are some of the outtakes.

In this picture, my sister Juli stuck her head between my mom and Dave (step-dad) so I sort of leap-frogged her and sat on her back. That's my brother Petey on the left, and sibs Allie and Johnny are assisting me.


we are going to make this work!

We changed locales several times, including this one where half of us sat on a ledge. My brother Andrew was in front of me, just begging to be kicked in the head.

he deserved it
And finally, some "serious" ones, after the family photo festivities. This is my Opa (grandpa for all non-German speakers). How cute is he? 

And this is my newest nephew Jax, born just two weeks ago. He was a whopping 10.5 lbs at birth! Holding him in no way gives me baby fever...

that hair!

Three cheers for giant families!


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