race recap: henderson sauerkraut days 5k

So I ran a 5k yesterday, the same one I've run in 2010 and 2011. Sorry to disappoint, but there will be no race recap video like there was in 2011. There aren't even any pictures of the actual race, so you visual people can just skip this. But here it is, my race recap from the Henderson Sauerkraut Day's 5k.

In bullets, for easy digestion:
  • I hit and killed a squirrel on the way to the race. I have NEVER hit an animal before and it made me really sad. (Not race-related but I thought I should confess.) 
  • This race is actually closer to three miles, since that's what my (and everyone's) Garmin says every single year. 
  • I ran this a minute and a half slower than I did two years ago. (21:34 according to Garm)
  • The surrounding high schools have a summer racing series so there were a lot of high school cross country and track girls there...
  • ... so I assumed my secret goal of getting top three was gone.
  • I realized within a half-mile what a sorry state small town high school running is in when I passed a group of six girls.
  • I reeled two more in over the next two miles. 
  • Remember how I said the Livestock 5k last year was my slowest in years? My average pace for this race was slower than it was for that one. Ugly.
While I don't feel great about my fitness, or how I paced this race, I do feel great about beating a bunch of girls that are roughly 10-13 years younger than me. 

I also got a cute medal and shirt, which is more than enough to please me. Three cheers for small town 5ks! 
yes, that's a cabbage with a face and legs


  1. Most important question: DID YOU WIN THE SAUERKRAUT-EATING CONTEST???

    1. LOL NO! I did not even enter said contest. I read that the winner ate two pounds of sauerkraut in 67 SECONDS! Two pounds!! A competitive eater I am not.


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