happy weekend

This weekend will be filled with packing and organizing and prepping for my big trip. I could not be more excited to escape this gray and get back in touch with my roots. My sister and I have been leaving voicemails in fake German for each other all week. My real German vocabulary is limited to good morning, counting to ten, and wo ist das Bier? Really, what else do you need?

Speaking of sisters, yesterday was my sister Amy's 17th birthday.

us, last night, compliments of instagram and my kitchen lighting

We decided to go to dinner at one of my favorite places and I called ahead to make sure she could get in since it's a bar. The girl I talked to said as long as we came before 9, it would be fine. We rolled in around 8:45 but there was a bouncer guy already carding and wasn't going to let Amy in. 

And then the best thing happened: Him: If you were her parent, then maybe, but you're only a few years older than her. Me: I'm actually 11 years older than her but I love you for saying that. And then a manager came over and confirmed that we could indeed come in and eat. 

So the big news is I can apparently pass for my early 20's. (Related: Bangs are like Botox.)

  • Reading The Separation of Church and Hate was like getting truth-slapped in the face.
    Christians often speak out on moral issues—war, abortion, marriage—before establishing that following Jesus is respectable, rewarding and an attractive pursuit. This is about as effective as asking the prodigal to clean up before he has any desire to go home. If we offer moral wisdom to those who do not yet find us morally wise, our audience will likely hear our arguments merely as arm-twisting power plays. 
  •  Please add "musical" to my list of desired traits in a husband for the sole purpose of them possibly doing something like this with our baby. (Other traits include beards, tattoos and down with G-O-D.)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ha! I saw those maps and I have never heard that the term "sunshower" before! Never had a term for it, just like the maps says (in Indiana).

    That vid is adorable. Happy Belated Bday to your sis!


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