auf deutsche

Flase, this post is not in German.

It's come as a surprise to me that I am more likely to answer in Spanish or French, like my brain knows that English is not right, but lacks the German vocabulary. C'est la vie... (said with irony, if that isn't coming through.)

We are in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, site of the 1936 Olympic ski jump ( or maybe the entire winter Olympics. I don't really know because everything is in German.) One thing I do know: this is not a typical American- tourist destination. Menus and signs aren't translated, and many people that we've interacted with speak as much English as we speak German. We're managing just fine, though. Turns out smiling and pointing is universal.

After a long day of travel yesterday, we all napped for a few hours before going to dinner. This morning we slept in and then walked through through town to do some shopping. The afternoon brought a gondola ride up a mountain, with a beer at the top and a looooong, steep walk down. We actually took the wrong path down the mountain, (again, due to lack of English anywhere on the signs) and missed what we had gone up there for, which was to see the Parten Gorge. Happily we discovered that it's only a 20 minute walk up the mountain so we'll try again in a few day when our knees have forgiven us.

It has been amazing to not worry about carbs (unavoidable), exercise (we're walking most places), and to be able to enjoy the incredible blessing of being here with my mom and sister Juli.

I've been taking most pictures with my camera but here are a few from my phone. More soon.


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