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After two short posts in a row (in which I do no real writing) here's a life update post with more than enough words to make up for it. 

I'm leaving for Germany for a week in less than a week. Long story short, my Opapa (great-grandpa) died in September. His kids and grand kids (e.g my mom) are bringing his ashes over to Germany to place them with his wife. My mom did not want to fly all the way to Germany and only stay for a week, and I couldn't take two weeks off from work. So next Monday my sister and I leave for Frankfurt to meet my mom, then drive to southern Germany, where we'll be staying in close proximity to this:

neuschwanstein castle (source)
I'm so excited for all things Germany, including, but not limited to: mountains, running in mountains, hiking, beer, food and lederhosen. 

Last week I hit a big yoga milestone: I did a supported headstand for the first time! Legs all the way up and everything!  I know it's one of the most basic inversions but I feel pretty great about it. (Remember when I was barely attempting it?)

not me, but you get the idea

Running: The June 1 5k didn't happen because they turned the race into one of those color runs where they throw corn starch in your face. No thanks. I have a tentative 5k for the end of June, but after a week abroad, I'm not sure I'll be ready to run. I might just set my sights, and training energy, on a 5k PR for later this summer.

So that's it for now. Time to cuddle up with Rick Steves. 


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