in heaven there is no beer*

For the past 30 days, I have not had a sip of alcohol. 

that was me, far left, white dress, kneeling and pointing (source)

Was it hard? Not really. 

There were a few times that I wanted a cold beer or a glass of wine when I was out for dinner, and yes, the thought of "cheating" crossed my mind (because how would you guys ever really know?) but I didn't. And aside from being in a few tempting situations, not drinking for 30 days was really not that difficult.

I thought I would maybe feel differently (better) or lose a little weight (alcohol isn't calorie-free!) but alas, there are no noticeable perks. To be fair, I wasn't a heavy drinker when I started alcohol-free April so I guess it's not surprising that I feel pretty much the same. 

In conclusion, it was a fun challenge... but I'm glad it's MAY!


*My grandpa always sings this song. Do you know it?


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