happy weekend

Okay, I'm officially a blogging loser. This week has been crazy busy for work and I've been squeezing in a bunch of evening yoga and QT with family, then going to bed early so I can get up early and run. Whew. 

I have about four drafts of posts in my folder so when I actually make time to write-write, expect an overflow of posts. Unless the weather keeps being amazing. Then I'll be outside and not on a computer.

But who really cares about any of that when there is Internet Awesome to be had! 
  • I usually buy organic whenever I can but these new Dirty Dozen are especially important. 
  • I haven't seen The Great Gatsby yet, nor have I read the book. Which should I do first? 
  • What's your stance on PDA? As a big fan of kissing pretty much any time, I'm going to say I'm Pro-PDA. (I'm also guilty of crying in public.) 
And finally, a gratuitous photo from Mother's Day in which my family looks awesomely cute and I look like a giant ogre,  due to a combination of a weird camera angle, my blousy shirt, and the wedges I'm wearing.


  1. I take personal offense to that ogre comment since I look like that in EVERY photo. Welcome to my world shorty.


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