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feed me: burch steak and pizza

Yep, I promised this post a while ago, after I went with Colleen to the newly opened Burch Steak and Pizza. The restaurant is split into two levels, with the fancier steak part upstairs and the pizza part in the basement (though the night we went, the full menu was available downstairs.) Obviously we went downstairs. (We may have steak taste but we have a pizza budget.)

Three thoughts:

Get their gimlet. It rivals Marvel Bar's. 

Get this for an appetizer. It could be a meal in itself.

You will not be disappointed with their pizza.

And that, my friends, is why I'm not a food blogger.

But you can certainly trust my judgement about their drinks.

presently, in yoga

So I've been going to yoga for a while now and I have a few favorite instructors. One of them is Nielle, and she's a life coach by trade, so you can imagine what her classes are like. Aside from her classes being extremely physically challenging, she adds a mental and emotional side. I haven't stayed dry-eyed through a class, and not just because of the sweat. 
Tonight, after asking us to think of a phrase of our choosing to focus on, we went through one of the most physically demanding C2 classes I've ever been in. So much Chaturanga. So much Chair. And while I held those poses well beyond what any other teacher would have us do, with legs, arms, abs, shoulders- pretty much every part of my body- burning, she asked us to call to mind the phrase we told ourselves in the beginning of class. 
You are here. 
That was my phrase. I don't know why that came into my brain. Probably because my mind was anywhere but in class, anywhere but in the present moment. 
And it has …

happy (holiday) weekend

I'm unplugging and heading up north with the three B's: books, booze, and my bestie (one of them, anyway). The weather isn't supposed to be great so I'm planning on a lot of cozy indoor reading and writing. No cell service, no internet, no distractions.
But, before I go, cool things I found on the internet:
Someone taught me a new word this week and it's hauntingly depressing (but who doesn't like to expand their vocabulary?). I want one of these tiny (and in some cases, portable!) houses. Does anyone have land on the North Shore that I could build one on? Anyone that has ever interacted with children will appreciate this. This guy re-enacts actual conversations with his 2 year-old daughter... with a full-grown man. Hilarious and creepy at the same time.
These 21 Rules of Entertaining are making me think I could host a party in my apartment. And you're all invited!While I'm in no way getting married in the foreseeable future, I was thrilled to discover …

race recap: medtronic tc 1 mile

This race report is kind of late considering it was nearly two weeks ago- and I just deleted my draft that I had started (on purpose) because it was getting a little wordy for a simple mile race.
So here's the abridged version, in bullets:
I wore spandex shorts because they make me feel fast. It might have been a little early in the season (pale legs + winter weight) for them, a realization that came as I stripped off my sweats in the start corral. Oh well. My only goal was to not go out fast and crash and burn. Therefore, I ran on feeling and didn't look at my watch at all. However...I caught a  glimpse of the clock as I was coming up on the half mile mark and I was well under six minute pace. I freaked out and slowed down. Still not sure why. I was feeling great and couldn't believe how quickly the race was going by (mentally speaking). Still, I didn't pick up the pace because I was scared that I would poop my tiny spandex shorts at the end. (Do people poop their pa…

happy weekend

Okay, I'm officially a blogging loser. This week has been crazy busy for work and I've been squeezing in a bunch of evening yoga and QT with family, then going to bed early so I can get up early and run. Whew. 
I have about four drafts of posts in my folder so when I actually make time to write-write, expect an overflow of posts. Unless the weather keeps being amazing. Then I'll be outside and not on a computer.
But who really cares about any of that when there is Internet Awesome to be had!  Say so-long to the LSD run and hours in the gym. Science says we only need 7 minutes.  If you're a dessert fan but have trouble stopping after one bite, this is pretty genius. I usually buy organic whenever I can but these new Dirty Dozen are especially important.  Yes to everything about this farm to table engagement dinner.  I haven't seen The Great Gatsby yet, nor have I read the book. Which should I do first? What's your stance on PDA? As a big fan of kissing pretty m…

happy weekend

I haven't done a post like this in a while, mostly because I've been too busy to read things on The Internet. However, with Google eliminating Reader this summer, I've been cleaning up the list of blogs I follow and going through all of my starred items. A little social media spring cleaning, if you will. 
My life, recently: Last night I ran the TC 1 Mile and it wasn't terrible. 
More to come about that, but first, links! My Oma used to eat apples like this.
It's been a long-standing joke in my family that I will turn into a Cat Lady (despite the fact that I don't own, and have never owned, a cat) so imagine my relief when I found 5 Types of Old Ladies Without Cats you Can Become.My running nameis "Shuffles Couchcrusher." Find yours here.  I saw this funny (and real) Craigslist ad for a yoga mat a few years ago but it resurfaced again via @PriorFatGirl.As someone that really loves gin, this cocktail sounds amazing!  Questions: 
For all Reader users,…

catching up

I was told on Friday that I've been sucking at blogging lately (coughJuliecough) and yes, that's probably true. However, I spent the better half of last week sans voice due to my cold (the one from last weekend) becoming much, much worse, so laying low was my primary goal. As such, I didn't do anything blog worthy. (I suppose the argument could be made that I don't ever do anything blog worthy, but you're here reading so...)

May 1 marked the end of my self-inflicted sobriety but I didn't make my liver work until dinner on May 2 when I went to the new Burch Steak and Pizza with Colleen. Full report to follow. 
On Saturday I went to a Kentucky Derby party and won $190 on a random bet, so I'm going to consider that a major high point of my weekend. 
Sunday was also exciting: I went to Circus Juventas, which is the largest youth performing arts circus in the country. They had their spring show and it was pretty incredible. Think Cirque du Soleil with kids. And…

in heaven there is no beer*

For the past 30 days, I have not had a sip of alcohol. 

Was it hard? Not really. 
There were a few times that I wanted a cold beer or a glass of wine when I was out for dinner, and yes, the thought of "cheating" crossed my mind (because how would you guys ever really know?) but I didn't. And aside from being in a few tempting situations, not drinking for 30 days was really not that difficult.
I thought I would maybe feel differently (better) or lose a little weight (alcohol isn't calorie-free!) but alas, there are no noticeable perks. To be fair, I wasn't a heavy drinker when I started alcohol-free April so I guess it's not surprising that I feel pretty much the same. 
In conclusion, it was a fun challenge... but I'm glad it's MAY!
*My grandpa always sings this song. Do you know it?