race week fever and some running talk

Fact: I "raced"once last year, my slowest 5k in years.

This weekend I'll race a 10k where I'll consider it a massive success if I can even hit my half-marathon PR pace for 6.2 miles. I say race because I plan on giving this my full effort but know I will not be able to run at the same level as two years ago. There is a little comfort that no matter what my time is, it will be my 10k PR (this being my first 10k and all).

The last few weeks of running have gone really, really well. I haven't missed a mile, which is huge. No skipping runs or cutting them short. And for the most part, I feel good, aside from a few sassy remarks from calves that haven't seen this much work in a while.

*not my calves (source)
Awkward side note: If you Google "women's calves" you will find that there are WEB PAGES devoted to them. Weirdos. 

Despite the snow we woke up to yesterday, 60's are predicted for the weekend. Don't worry, I'm compulsively checking the weather, which is a symptom of Race Week Fever. Other symptoms include obsessive use of race predictors, littering your floor with options for race day attire, religious study of course maps, and planning pre-race nutrition down to the last ounce you'll take in.

I'm currently exhibiting a few of these symptoms.


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