happy weekend

As luck would have it, yesterday was a gorgeous day in MN and I went home sick from work and spent the entire afternoon napping. No after-work run in the sunshine. Sigh. I will make do with a cloudy run this evening, since I am protesting our freezing spring (28* this morning!) by refusing to get out of bed for morning runs (but mostly I just didn't want to push my luck, being ill and all).

I made plans to run with a new group tomorrow, then go to a "Stability for Runners" weight training class with them after. Lord knows the only time I pick up a weight is if someone makes me.

Links for your weekend:
  • A song I can't stop listening to.

  • No doubt you’ve heard of Team Hoyt, but here’s a new video Dick’s Sporting Goods released as part of a series. If you can watch this without tearing up, you’re probably dead.

  • Did anyone get pranked on April Fools' Day? 
  • What are the main "fun" things you spend your money on?


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