do the work (and pudding that will change your life)

I think the hardest part about eating clean/unprocessed is the prep that goes into it. Unless you have a personal chef or money to hit up the Whole Foods salad bar every day, chances are you’re making your own meals. And that takes work. 

So after enjoying a nice run outside yesterday (which was great since winter is apparently returning to MN this week), I spent some time searching for recipes and creating a list of things that I'd need for meals for the week.

Then this happened:

bacon is the center of everything

 Groceries magically appeared on my table! Or I went grocery shopping. One of the two.

While making dinner last night, I simultaneously cooked the time-consuming stuff.  I baked spaghetti squash and sweet potatoes and pork, then stored it all for fast reheating. It was so nice coming home tonight to a fridge stocked with ingredients that were easy to throw together. 

So anyway, now Sunday afternoons have become Meal Prep Time (MPT because I like acronyms).

And now this, which is My Favorite Discovery: I had a major frozen yogurt craving tonight. Instead of finding myself face down in a bowl of empty calories and regret, I decided to experiment with what I had on hand and created a blend of avocado, chocolate, banana, coconut milk and honey (a take off a recipe I had read). I put it in my freezer to chill and then enjoyed a delicious chocolate "pudding."

take that, craving!
Seriously so good. I may have licked my blender (carefully!).  

  • Do you cook meals in advance? 
  • What's your favorite healthy snack? Or a weird food combination that actually works?


  1. Nice! I'm pretty lazy, but I get a kick too cook every couple of weeks :) Oh I would love for a personal chef to make me some yummy eats! For now, I'll stick with Walgreens salads for lunch. And I agree, bacon IS the center of everything!


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