happy weekend

It's been a few weeks since I've done an internet round up but I've finally made the time to catch up in Reader and find cool things to share. Without further ado:
  • This is a letter a best friend wrote to his friend who was having a short-term memory issue. It made me think that I should try something similar to for my Grandma! 
  • If you're pinching pennies but love to shop, this is a great tip!
  • After finding this website that lets you rent entire houses/apartments/rooms while on vacation, I don't know if I'll ever stay in a hotel again! 
this San Francisco studio rents for $108 a night!
  • Interested in trying Power Yoga but don't know what to expect? Gina completely breaks it down for you.
  • A self-defense kitty key chain! I want one in every color. #CatLady
  • Looking for a career change? TCM is hiring a Marketing & Media Director. If you'd like to take a crack at being their fourth in three years, I'll help you craft your resume. ; )
  • And finally, I don't stay up late enough/even have a TV to watch this but this Jimmy Kimmel bit at the LA Marathon is pretty funny. You gotta be drunk to do this. (1:34) 


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