happy weekend

Hi friends! How was your week? I've been staying busy with early morning runs and after-work yoga.  I've finally settled into a routine and it feels great!

Also, it's March! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! And to think back to where I was a year ago... It's so strange.

I need help! My 20 year-old sister is getting married next weekend and I still haven't looked for a dress. I'll be performing personal attendant duties so I want one that's comfortable but doesn't scream SPINSTER SISTER! Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Anyway, links!
  • Have you ever read the Missed Connections board on Craigslist? Some are cute, some are creepy, but it always leaves me wondering if people ever really connect that way. In any case, here's a map that shows a breakdown of the most frequently cited locations of these missed connections. Thank God ours is a supermarket and not Walmart. Or a bar. Go MN!
  • Daily Dishonesty is a site that posts all the little lies we tell ourselves in gorgeous prints. This one is particularly true for me:
    sad but true (source)
Have a fantastic weekend! 


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