does this make me a yogi?

1. I now own pants from lululemon. This actually just makes me hate myself BUT I should note that I bought them with a gift card. After wearing them to one class (and also out for brunch), I have three thoughts:
  • Lululemon Wunder Unders really do make your butt look amazing, whether you have an amazing butt or not.

  • Who pays this much for pants? Are they made with unicorn fur?

  • I still prefer my Target long-johns. 
2. I spent $65 on a yogitoes towel. Let me explain. I had just gotten out of a class where the temperature got up to 106 degrees. (No, it was not a hot yoga class.) I was so delusional and dehydrated that when I walked out into the cool lobby, I became euphoric. And then I saw this:

this pattern had me hello

So naturally I bought it. And one other one. (It was 106 degrees, people!) Excuses aside, my center of intuition is telling me that I should bring more water to class to prevent this from happening again. 

All kidding and snark aside, I seriously love going to yoga! If you've never tried it and want to, let me know and I'll go to a class with you. CorePower offers a free week to new students.

Namaste, friends!


  1. I love this post. I had practically the exact same reaction when I bought a pair of the Wunder Unders!

    I have a kind of cheapo version of a yogitoes towel. Will you update on whether the real thing is worth it?

    It has been so much easier for me to head inside for yoga instead of outside for a run this winter!

    1. I've worn them a couple more times now and I still totally prefer my long johns. Have you ever tried lululemon shorts?

      As far as the yogitoes towel, I don't know that it's worth $65. My hands definitely don't slip but the towel itself occasionally moves, especially down by my feet. I like that they dry quickly and how thin they are, two big perks over a normal beach towel, which is what I had been using.


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