what i read this week

I failed miserably with my 2012 goal of reading more books. However, I think I'm making up for it with the number of blogs I've added to Reader. Here are my favorite posts from the week:

  • Excited for the Super Bowl? Me either, unless you're talking about the food and commercials. This post gives a football-themed guide to portion control.
  • I loved Tegan and Sara before it was cool to love Tegan and Sara. You can imagine my delight when I found this hilarious video of them promoting their new album. 

  • This is a really funny (yet totally true) list of 17 things you wish you could ask someone during a job interview.  
  • I really wish I had a permanent permanent address (Lord knows I won't live in my studio apartment forever) so I could get this
  • This video has fueled my desire to consistently go to yoga. Aside from being great supplemental training, how cool would it be to be able to do some of this?

(And if you think that video is crazy, check out the acro yoga she does with her husband!)

Happy weekend, friends! 


  1. That is some awesome yoga! Makes me feel like I can only do a little :)


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